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HBase Interview Questions

HBase Interview Questions What are the different commands used in Hbase operations? There are 5 atomic commands which carry out different operations by Hbase. Get, Put, Delete, Scan and Increment. How to connect to Hbase? A connection to Hbase is established through Hbase Shell which is a Java API. What is the role of Master server in Hbase? The Master server assigns regions to region servers and handles load balancing in the cluster. What is the role of Zookeeper in Hbase? The zookeeper maintains configuration information, provides distributed synchronization, and also maintains the communication between clients and region servers. When do we need to disable a table in Hbase? In Hbase a table is disabled to allow it to be modified or change its settings. .When a table is disabled it cannot be accessed through the scan command. Give a command to check if a table is disabled. Hbase > is_disabled “table name” What does the following table do? hbase > disable_all 'p.*' The command will dis…
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Big Data – Hadoop is buzzword today

Almost every business organization from all sectors and technical professional from all type of industry is becoming interested for knowing Big Data. Hence many technical professionals are trying to get answer of some key questions what exactly is Big Data? Why is it required? Which are Big Data technologies? How is this field different from our traditional data technologies field?

Big Data Learning Path for all Engineers and Data Scientists out there

IntroductionThe field of big data is quite vast and it can be a very daunting task for anyone who starts learning big data & its related technologies. The big data technologies are numerous and it can be overwhelming to decide from where to begin.

Job Comparison – Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Statistician

IntroductionData Science is a flourishing industry. Countries and companies around the world are continuously experiencing a rush in the amount of data collected. They are determined to hire experts who can work on their data and improve their lives.

Validating End-to-End Test Cycles for e-Commerce Systems

Any commerce business model usually involves sales and returns of items/products; where-in a customer walks into a Brick-and-Mortar store, looks for a product of their choice, proceeds to the billing counter and the Point of Sale process completes. A similar procedure is followed for returns also: customer walks into the Point-of-Sale (also known as the store) and the counter handles the return of the sale along with the payment return processing after receiving the product.

ETL Design Process & Best Practices

IntroductionETL stands for Extract Transform and Load. Typical an ETL tool is used to extract huge volumes of data from various sources and transform the data dependi­ng on business needs and load into a different destination. In the modern business world the data has been stored in multiple locations and in many incompatible formats. The business data might be stored in different formats such as Excel, plain text, comma separated, XML and in individual databases of various business systems used etc. Handling all this business information efficiently is a great challenge and the ETL tool plays an important role in solving this problem.

Important Big Data Terminologies To Come Across

Before you proceed further and be a head developer of Big Data ecosystem, you must have vital information on the terminologies, associated with this sector. It helps you to know everything about Big data and its terms, too. With passing time, Hadoop works as the main brain and spinal cord of Big data ecosystem. Loads of new technologies are currently emerging, and have further integrated with the Hadoop sector. Therefore, it is vital to understand more about the big data architecture, and get to learn about the Essentials of Hadoopstructure, as well.